12-Volt Battery Direct Kit


A Surge of Confidence...

The 12-Volt Battery Direct Kit provides an extra 12-Volt outlet that runs directly off of your towed vehicle's battery It's inline 20-amp fuse and 16 gauge wire provides consistent power for your RVibrake when your stock 12-Volt outlet cannot.
The main reasons why someone would need a 12-Volt Direct Kit are:

1) You have to pull fuses in your towed 12V Kit attach to batteryvehicle to be able to tow it. This usually knocks out power to your stock 12-Volt outlet.
2) Not all 12-Volt outlets are created equal. There are many instances
where the stock 12-Volt outlet's wiring is not a heavy enough gauge to produce consistent voltage.
12V Kit coiled
3) Your 12-Volt outlet has a short, which means it cannot produce consistent voltage.

12-Volt Direct to Battery Kit's inline 20 amp fuse and 16 gauge duplex wire provides consistent power for your RVibrake when your stock 12-Volt outlet cannot.
12V Kit Fuse


Weight: 1lb 
Dimensions1" x 1" x 10'
Wire Gauge16 Duplex Wire
Install Time: 25-45min
Inline Fuse: 20 Amp

12V Kit Installation Video

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