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Introducing The RVi App For iOS!

NOTE: RVi App is currently only available on iOS devices. While we do plan on porting the app to Android devices as well, that version is currently unavailable.

For many years, one of the top questions we’ve been asked as a company has been “Do you guys have an app I can put on my phone?” And, unfortunately, for many years now, the answer has been ‘no’.

However, that’s all about to change.

We’re very excited to announce that the RVi App for iOS is launching on 7/11 (Android availability coming soon). This state-of-the-art support app is designed to help you reach us faster when you’re on the road and ensure that you have the best experience possible with our products. So, what exactly does this app do? We’re so glad you asked! Let’s take a look…


Before we get into what the app can do, it’s important that we cover what it cannot do. At this time, the app does not support real-time monitoring of your RVi products.

Why? Well, it’s a complex answer.

The short version is that, on the coding and development side of things, an app that can monitor external devices is extremely difficult to do, even if it sounds fairly straightforward in theory. Take something more self-contained - like a game, for example. Games are a bit simpler because they’re not doing a ton of real-time transmitting and monitoring. As soon as you add that externality into an app, you suddenly have to account for a lot of other factors - and, in addition, things can break quickly if Apple updates something in their software or another app alters a setting without you fully realizing how it affects the rest of your phone’s ecosystem. Real-time monitoring on your personal device can also be interrupted by a phone call, text, or notification. This is problematic if you’re trying to alert a user to important safety data, as is the case with our products.

All of these things add up to a very, very tall order. Not impossible - but very tough. And, unfortunately, being a relatively small company, we only have so many resources and man-hours that can be devoted to tackling this leviathan of a project.

To be very clear: Our eventual goal is to have an app that can monitor your RVi products from your personal phone/device. We’re not there yet - but this iteration of the RVi App is a critical first step. From the development to the release and publishing, this app lays a lot of the groundwork that we’ll be able to build upon in the future.


So, with that out of the way, what does the RVi App do exactly?

Well, its primary purpose is to serve as an all-in-one support app. The ‘Contact’ portion of the app gives you options to Call, Text, or Email our team - all without having to go hunt down a phone number or email address. Simply tap one of the options, and your phone will do the rest. And, if it’s a weekend or you’d rather try to DIY a solution, you have easy access to our FAQ articles on that same page.

Another exciting feature is the ability to load all of your serial numbers into app. Gone are the days of trying to hunt down a User Guide or running back and forth to your different products when you’re on the phone with support. Simply enter all of your products and their corresponding serial numbers into the app and reference that anytime you need them.

View your serial numbers

In addition to these two major features, you also have quick access to our Video Vault and our Dealer Locator. These can be extremely helpful if you’re on the road.


The RVi App is here - and we’re very excited for it! We hope that it helps to enhance your experience when using our products on the road. While it doesn’t provide for monitoring just yet, it provides a critical framework that we can continue to enhance and build off of for the future. Download the RVi App today!

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