Tire Pressure Sensors for RVibrake2


At RVibrake we want to keep the fun and leisure TPMS Bulletsin RVing, that's why we designed the RVibrake2 Tire Pressure Sensors. If your towed vehicle gets a blowout, you can do serious damage to the tire and rotor if you don't have sensors to tell you how they're performing.

No Repeater Needed
By simply using RVibrake2's existing communication system the sensors transmit from the tires to RVibrake2 in the towed vehicle and RVibrake2 transmits to the wireless monitor in the coach. This means there are no hidden costs for a repeater. RVibrake2 acts as the TPMS repeater.

One Monitor to Rule Them All
There is no need for another monitor on the dash in the coach. The Tire Pressure Sensors share RVibrake2's wireless monitor.

All you have to do is enable the sensors on the RVibrake2's Wireless monitor, thread them onto the towed vehicle's tire stems, and you’re ready to go! Initial pairing takes around 2 minutes.
RV to towed RVi2 Diagram


Weight: .1 lbs
PSI Accuracy: Within 1.5 PSI
Setup Time: 2 min
Battery Life: 1.5 - 2 years (sensors have to been sent to factory for battery replacement at a nominal fee.)
Dimensions: 1" x 1"

RVi2 TPMS Setup Video

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