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Feeling unsafe because you don't have the right gear takes all the fun out of flat towing a car behind your RV. Whether you're looking for a flat towing braking system or tire pressure sensors, RVi makes easy-to-use products that help you feel confident and safe for every adventure. Let’s make it easy by starting on a path towards happy RVing...

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I’ve had my RVi system for several months and a number of trips. It preforms beautifully every time. I have spent a lot of money for several onboard systems and I’m never going back. Light weight easy to use fast setup. 
This is the Mack Daddy!

Mike Barnes

First trip using Tire Patrol (4), easy to sync, easy to use, great seeing trailer tire status while cruising on open highways, 2,000 mile trip. No issues.. 

Thank you, love it!

Dave Hayden