Towed Battery Charger Plus for flat towing

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There are not many things worse than a dead towed battery when flat
towing. Many towed vehicles today have a large current draw on the
battery when towing. Towed Battery Charger Plus will prevent
this unseen parasitic loss on your towed battery. With LEDs that
give feedback of your towed battery and charging voltage there
is no more need for a charge line that gives you zero feedback.

Now that's power!

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True Charging: This is not just a trickle chargerTBC+ Charging Gas Gauge

All towed vehicles are not created the same. With so many varying types, each one draws different amounts of power on the battery when in tow mode. The Towed Battery Charger Plus is an on-demand system that not only trickle charges vehicles that have little draw, but can charge up to 10 amps when there is a high parasitic drain on the battery when flat towing.

NOTE: Towed Battery Charger Plus is compatible with all 12 volt batteries including trailers. 2019-present Chevy Equinox must pull rear windshield wiper fuse.
Instant Feedback: When you need to know how your system is performingTBC+ Callouts

The multi-colored LEDs on Towed Battery Charger Plus give instant feedback on proper installation and performance. You won’t need a multi-meter to know the towed battery voltage level, charging status, and voltage levels coming from the RV.
Connection Protection: Install with confidenceTBC+ Connection Protection

Every RVer fears installing something incorrectly and damaging their investment. Now with Connection Protection, Towed Battery Charger Plus guards against damage to your electrical system if it is installed incorrectly, and prevents your motorhome from draining the towed battery. You will be able to travel confidently knowing your towed vehicle is protected.

NOTE: 12 volts and ground must be brought from the motorhome to bumper of towed vehicle to power the Towed Battery Charger Plus. 7-pin connector on Motorhome and 6-pin connector on towed vehicle are recommended.

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Towed Battery Charger Tablet
The Towed Battery Charger Plus can also be monitored with the
Command Center Smart RV tablet. This system is the
epicenter of the RVi product line. One monitor with unlimited
product expansion and built-in Travel Checklist, RV Level and
  Support apps. You are going to love Command Center!

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Note: The Command Center system is sold separately from the Towed Battery Charger Plus.


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Weight: 1 lb 
Housing Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1''
Wire Length: 8 ft. from the multi-pin connector to the charger. 4 ft. from the battery to the charger.
Install Time: 20
Wire Gauge16 Duplex Wire
Charge Capability: 0-10 Amp (fuse & diode protected)
Warranty Length1 Year

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Jerry S.
United States

Good product

Works great after I found that wiring was different from instructions.

John B.
United States United States


Keeps the battery charged for ng down the road. Works as advertised.

Daniel T.
United States United States

Fixed my peoblem!!

My Jeep JL battery would die on long hauls - when I would tow for multiple days without unhooking. We do that semi-regularly when going across the country ao this was a real issue. The RVI fixed it immediately. Very easy to self install, mounts well by the battery, and works perfectly!

RVi Towed Battery Charger Plus for flat towing ReviewRVi Towed Battery Charger Plus for flat towing Review
John S.
United States United States

Not enough charging power

Followed all the instructions and watched the video, three time, hooked up properly but still not enough power. Command Center only show 2 volts but the connection at the Coach and vehicle end of pigtail shows 12 volts. Even the connections at the TBC+ shows only 2 volt. Unconnected the wiring and watched the video again and rewired the TBC+ still only 2 volts max. Will need to find another product or wire directly from Coach or House batteries.