RVibrake fits in all vehicles.  If needed, a beautifully engineered custom bracket will be created for the towed vehicle to ensure proper installation.
90% of all vehicle have a rise in the floorboard that RVibrake pushes up against. There are another 5% that require the Standard Stop Plate (Stop Plate included in RVibrake System). Then lastly, there are another 5% that require a custom application. Both of these are provided free of charge. In cases where we recommend the 12V Battery Direct Kit (12V Kit), the Towed Battery Charger + (TBC+) or the Towed Battery Disconnect (TBD) you can purchase them HEREIf you have questions, please call 800-815-2159 or email.

 NOTE: If your vehicle is not listed below, then RVibrake is a natural fit in your towed. No stop plate or accessories are required.  
Make Model Year Custom App

Stop Plate
(comes in box)

12V Kit

Towed Battery

Towed Battery

12V Extension

Acura MDX 2001-2013 X
Buick Envision 2018-present 50MG0037 12V Kit TBC+
Chevy/ GMC Avalanche/ 
Suburban/ Tahoe/ 
Sierra/ Yukon
2014-present X TBD
Chevy/ GMC Canyon/
 Colorado/ H3
2004-2012 50MG0032
Chevy/ GMC Canyon/ Colorado 2015-present 50MG0046 12V Kit TBD
Chevy/ GMC Captiva 2006-present 50MG0049
Chevy/GMC Cruze 2009-present 50MG0055 12V Kit
Equinox/ Terrain/
 SRX/ Captiva
2010-2017 50MG0043 12V Kit TBC+
Equinox/ Terrain/
 SRX/ Captiva
2018-present 12V Kit TBC+
Chevy/ GMC
Express Van 2003-present 50MG0032
Chevy/ GMC HHR 2006-2011 12V Kit
Chevy/GMC Malibu 1997-2003 50MG0052
Chevy/GMC Malibu 2004-2015 50MG0051
Chevy/GMC Malibu 2016-present 50MG0065 12V Kit
Chevy/GMC S-10 Blazer, Jimmy 1983-1994 50MG0052
Chevy/GMC Sonic 2011-2016 50MG0063 12V Kit
Chevy/GMC Sonic 2017-present X
Chevy/GMC Spark 2007-2015
Chevy/GMC Spark 2016-present
Chevy/GMC Spark 2016-present

RVi1 Claw

Chevy/GMC Trailblazer/ Envoy 2002-2009 50MG0057
Traverse/ Acadia/ 
2008-2017 50MG0042
Traverse/ Acadia/ 
2018-present 12V Kit
Trax/ Encore 2013-2016 X
Chevy/GMC Venture 2001-2005 50MG0052
Dodge/Chrysler Caravan/ T&C 2001-2007 X
Dodge/Chrysler Dart 2012-present 50MG0056
Dodge/Chrysler PT Cruser 2001-2010 X
Dodge/Chrysler RAM 3500 1994-2002 X
Dodge/Chrysler RAM 1500/ 2500/ 3500 2002-2008 12V Kit
Dodge/Chrysler RAM 1500 & 3500 2009-2018 50MG0047
Dodge/Chrysler RAM 1500 & 3500 2019-present 50MG0047
12V Kit
Fiat 500/L 2007-present 12V Kit
Ford/Lincoln C-Max 2013-present X 12V Kit TBC+
Ford/Lincoln Contour/ Mystique 1995-1997 50MG0058
Ford/Lincoln Edge/ MKX 2006-present X
Ford/Lincoln Edge/ MKX
"Push to Start"
2006-present X 12V Kit TBC+
Ford/Lincoln Escape/ Mariner 2000-2015 50MG0032
Ford/Lincoln Explorer with Driveshaft Disconnect 1995-2001 50MG0031
Ford/Lincoln Explorer/
Sport Track 
2002-2005 50MG0031
Ford/Lincoln Explorer/ Sport Track 2006-2010 50MG0062
Ford/Lincoln Explorer/ MKT 2011-present X 12V Kit TBC+
Ford/Lincoln F-150/ Expedition 1992-1996 50MG0061

F-150/ Expedition

2009-2014 50MG0045
Ford/Lincoln F-150/ Expedition 2015-present 12V Kit
Ford/Lincoln Fiesta 2008-present 12V Kit TBD
Ford/Lincoln Flex/ MKT 2009-present X
Ford/Lincoln Focus 2005-2010 X
Ford/Lincoln Focus 2010-present 12V Kit TBD
Ford/Lincoln Fusion/ MKZ Hybrid 2006-2009 X 12V Kit
Ford/Lincoln Fusion/ MKZ Hybrid 2010-present 12V Kit TBC+
Ford/Lincoln Mustang 2005-2014 50MG0031
Ford/Lincoln Ranger, Auto 1995-2003 50MG0041
Ford/Lincoln Ranger, Auto with driveshaft disconnect 2004-2011 50MG0031
Ford/Lincoln Taurus 2010-present 50MG0031 (manual seats only)
Ford/Lincoln Taurus X 2008-2009 X
Honda/Acura Accord/ TL 1997-2012 50MG0031
Honda Civic 2001-present 50MG0031
Honda CRV 1995-2006 X
Honda CRV 2007-2014 50MG0033 RVi1&2 only X TBC+
Honda Fit 2015-2016 12V Kit
Honda HRV 2016-present 12V Kit TBC+
Honda Odyssey 1998-2004 X
Honda Pilot 2003-2008 X
Hyundai Elantra 2016 12V Kit
Hyundai Veloster 2011-present 50MG0031 12V Kit
Jeep Cherokee
(Trail Hawk, etc)
2014-2018 50MG0040 TBC+
Jeep Cherokee
(Trail Hawk, etc)
2019-present 50MG0040
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011-present X
Jeep Liberty 2002-2007 TBC+
Jeep Liberty 2008-2012 12V Kit
Jeep Patriot 2007-present X
Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018 50MG0036

12V Ext. 


Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-present 50MG0067 12V Kit
Jeep Gladiator JT 2020-present 50MG0067 12V Kit
Kia Sorrento 2009-2013 X
Mazda Miata 2005-2018 50MG0061
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 2006-2013 50MG0040
Mini Cooper/ Clubman 2001-present 12V Kit
Nissan 370 Z 2009-present 50MG0061
Nissan Armada/ Titan 2010-2014 50MG0054
Nissan Cube 2008-present 50MG0031
Nissan Frontier (manual, driveshaft dsct) 2006-2014 50MG0053 12V Kit
Nissan Juke 2011-present 50MG0051
Nissan NV Cargo 2012-2014 X
Nissan Versa 2004-present X
Nissan Xterra 2005-2015 50MG0053
Saturn L-Series 1999-2007 50MG0048
Saturn Outlook 2007-2010 50MG0042
Saturn S-Series 1996-2002 50MG0032
Saturn Vue 2002-2007 50MG0050
Saturn Vue 2008-2010 50MG0049
Smart Fortwo 2008-2013 12V Kit TBD
Subaru Baja 2002-2006 50MG0031
Subaru Forester 2002-present 50MG0031 TBC+
Subaru Impreza 2010-present 50MG0031
Subaru Outback 2009-present 50MG0031
Subaru VX/ Crosstrek 2013-present 50MG0031 TBC+
Toyota 4-Runner/ Pickup 1984-1989 50MG0030
Toyota 4-Runner/ Pickup 1990-1995 50MG0031
Toyota 4-Runner/ Pickup 1996-2002 50MG0032
Toyota 4-Runner/ Pickup 2002-2009 50MG0031
Toyota Camry 1991-1996 50MG0044
Toyota Corolla 2008-2012 50MG0031
Toyota/Lexus GX470 2003-2009 X
Toyota Highlander 2006-2007 X
Toyota Matrix 2009-2014 50MG0031
Toyota MR2 1995-2005 50MG0031
Toyota/Lexus RX300 1997-2003 50MG0031
Toyota RAV 4 2001-2012 50MG0032
Toyota Sienna 1998-2003 X
Toyota Tacoma 1995-2004 50MG0041
Volkswagen Jetta 2011-2014 50MG0063
 NOTE: If your vehicle is not listed above, then RVibrake is a natural fit in your towed. No stop plate or accessories are required.