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Post COVID-19 RV Travel - 5 Historical Locations To Visit

Historical RV Road Trip Destinations

What a crazy time to be alive! Ironically, in this season where social distancing and Stay-At-Home orders have become the norm, getting away from the practical realities has never looked so appealing. Even our introverts around the office are catching the travel bug.

Now, we here at RVi recommend following all your local safety guidelines. That means only traveling when absolutely necessary and making sure to minimize contact with others. However, when all of this quiets down and life begins to get back to normal, we don’t want you to miss a beat. 

With that in mind, here are a few locations to hit on your next trip that are both historically significant and exciting.

1. Mesa Verde National Park - Mesa Verde, CO

Starting right here in our home state, this breathtaking assortment of ancient Native American cliff dwellings is among the largest in the United States. The entire park has been beautifully preserved, offering a unique glimpse into the past. Some of the dwellings even date back to 600 A.D.! Though there is some hiking involved, the exertion is well worth the view and experience.

Mesa Verde National Park RV Road Trip

2. Mount Vernon - Mount Vernon, VA

Located just outside Washington, D.C., Mount Vernon was the family home of George Washington. Painstakingly restored and preserved, it provides a fascinating personal glimpse into the life of our only unanimously elected President. The manor itself is open for tours, as well as the surrounding grounds and gardens. The entire atmosphere, with its situation right on the edge of the Potomac River, provides an ideal place to reflect and be transported to a simpler time.

Mount Vernon RV Road Trip

3. Scotty’s Castle - Death Valley National Park, CA

You may not think that a place like Death Valley would be a hospitable place to build a home - but that’s exactly what business partners Walter Scott and Albert Johnson did back in the 20’s.

Located in the Grapevine Oasis region of the notorious Valley, it’s billed as an “engineer’s dream home” by the National Park Service. While we don’t know about that, it is a beautiful example of mission-style architecture that bears a marked infusion of European influences - truly unique. Additionally, it provides a solid picture of what life looked like in California at the turn of the 20th century.

Scotty's Castle RV Road Trip

4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Gatlinburg, TN

Lest you think we’d forgotten about the South, be sure to check out this truly breathtaking natural wonderland - which, interestingly, is America’s most-visited National Park.

If ever there was a place to socially distance, this is it! This pristine stretch of wilderness is relatively untouched by humans and boasts a large wildlife population. While the whole COVID-19 crisis has the Natural Park system on lockdown for now, this should definitely be on your list of post-quarantine travel destinations.

Great Smoky Mountains RV Road Trip

5. Royal Gorge Bridge & Park - Cañon City, CO

Call it shameless self-promotion for including Colorado on here twice - but can you blame us? Colorado is jam-packed with gorgeous landmarks, and the Royal Gorge is no exception. Spanning the Arkansas River, the Bridge is the highest of its kind (suspension) in the United States. Of course, the bridge isn’t the only way across. There are gondolas you can charter - and even zip lines!

If you’re not feeling quite that adventurous, you can enjoy the breathtaking views on either side. The park has a theater at one end and the Visitor’s Center at the other, both of which are worth checking out in their own right. While you’re there, be sure to check out the Water Clock!

Royal Gorge Bridge RV Road Trip

Whether you’re new to RVing or a seasoned vet, these historical destinations are breathtaking. We hope you can add them to your itinerary! P.S. - If you visit, tag us in your photos @RVibrake! We'd love to see them!

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