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How To Pick A Towed Vehicle 🚌🚗

We know you want to have the best experience you can while RVing. Having the wrong gear or towed vehicle can be a huge headache and be a distraction from the fun and memories you're trying to create.

In the video below, Dan talks about what to consider when you are selecting your next towed vehicle.

towed ve•hi•cle /tōd  vēˌhik(ə)l/ - a motorized vehicle that is towed behind a motorhome using a tow bar. 


Drivability  •  Comfort  •  Frustration-free  •  Will it allow me to go where I want to go on my RV adventures.

To learn more about flat towing, download our free Flat Towing Guide.

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  • Keith Lyall

    What do you think about flat towing a manual Honda Fit? We love Honda cars and service and want something easy and small to tow.

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