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The Best Towed Braking System For You: Portable Vs. Installed

The Best Towed Braking System For You: Portable Vs. Installed

If you're in the market for a towed braking system, you've probably come across two types: Installed or portable. Both have unique benefits, and deciding between the two can be tricky. However, we want to help guide you toward the best option for your RV lifestyle. Check out Dan's video below, where he'll outline the pros and cons of each braking system (you can also keep reading for more info)! 

Can You Install It?

The most crucial consideration when deciding what RVi brake system is best for you is the installation or setup process required and how comfortable you feel with it. A portable system like RVibrake3 requires virtually no installation for the main device - however, the breakaway system (required by law) will need to be installed. The standard breakaway installation will take around 45 minutes, depending on how handy you are and which type of vehicle you're installing it on (solutions like Breakaway Wireless Adapter can drastically reduce that installation time).

On the other hand, RVibrake Shadow takes around 2 hours to install - so you can either hand it off to a professional or opt to save money on the shop time and do it yourself (we have a full installation video HERE). We often get questions on the complexity of installing the Shadow at home. The good news is that if you can change the oil in your vehicle, you can install RVibrake Shadow - it's that simple!

Some other important considerations are:

1. Do you have multiple towed vehicles? 

2. Do you RV full-time or only a couple times a year?

3. Do you plan on purchasing a new vehicle or switching out your current vehicle?

4. Are you leasing your towed vehicle?

Portable Braking Systems: Pros & Cons

The best part about a portable braking system is that it's versatile - you can easily move it between multiple vehicles. You don't have to do any cutting, drilling, or heavy-duty wiring. Everything except the breakaway is self-contained in the unit.

On the flip side, setup is required every single time you travel and it's one extra thing to remember when you're getting ready to hit the road. 

Installed Braking Systems: Pros & Cons

The best part about an installed braking system is its convenience - there's nothing to setup when you go to use it. It's always ready. Additionally, the RVibrake Shadow Installed Braking System has a built-in battery charger, so you can always tow with confidence.

The con of an installed system is that it cannot be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle - you'll need to perform a full uninstall and reinstallation every time you switch or upgrade vehicles. 

RVibrake3 vs RVibrake Shadow

Why Choose an RVi Braking System?

Our #1 goal is your safety. You need a braking system that's going to activate in under half a second in a panic stop, set up easily, and provide truly proportional braking as you travel. Only RVi braking systems offer all three.

Whether you choose to go portable or installed, an RVi braking system is going to provide you with the best performance and reliability of any braking system currently on the market. Get yours today! 


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  • Robert craig

    I am interested in a towbar and an auxiliary braking system, I live in Indiana (46962) and need a dealer that would have units in stock. I want to actually see the brake system to see if it will on my car. I have a BlueOx bracket already installed.

  • Tony Gress

    Need install on my 2010 jeep

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