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COVID Travel Guide - Is RVing The Best Way To Travel?

COVID Travel Guide: RVing vs. airplanes, cruises, etc.

For the adventurous at heart, COVID-19 has taken away more than your favorite stores and social gatherings. It's taken away your ability to see the world, travel, and experience new places. Things are getting back to normal, but we're all a little more cautious nowadays and that feeling will take quite some time to go away completely.
For many lovers of travel, the decision to hop on an airplane or book a cruise won't be such an easy one - at least not yet... But if you're dying to get back out there and explore, there is a better option: RV Travel! Here are just a few reasons to consider RVing. 

1. Eliminate the unknown 

As the world re-opens you'll begin to notice things you wouldn't normally give a second thought. Things like, "How many people touched this plate before it got to my table? How do I know this silverware is totally clean? Did that person just sneeze near my food?" 

In an RV, you don't have to question anything. It's like your home on wheels, so you can eat, sleep, and breathe in peace! 

Cooking in an RV

2. Social distancing? Yes please! 

6-feet apart? How about 6-miles apart? Now that's what we call distance! All jokes aside, hitting the open road is an incredible way to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle and spend some quality time with loved ones (or maybe all alone if you're introverted). You get the same solitude as a camping trip, but with running water, a bed, and legit comfort. Not to mention the views!

RV Social Distancing

3. The open road is always open

If things keep heading in the right direction, retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses will be back open and fully operational. However, we can't predict how long this might take or, God forbid, if we'll have another shut down... 

One thing that won't close is the open road! Long stretches of highways and country roads are just part of the reason millions of people choose to road trip in style every year in their RV. 

COVID Travel Guide: RV Road Trip

4. Breathtaking destinations, accessible by wheels

Let's face it, there are endless ways to explore the country (and beyond), so personal preference plays a huge role in how you decide to travel. That said, there's something very special about the RV experience. Being in the drivers seat (literally) and getting the family safely to your destination gives you a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention that, unlike an airplane, your family can actually interact with one another throughout the duration of your trip. 

Not to get too sappy, but RVing is a wonderful way to bond with the kids, grandkids, your spouse, or anyone else you decide to take along on the journey. And the views you'll see along the way? Forget about it! 

COVID Travel Guide, RVing

Whether you've never so much as stepped inside an RV or you're a seasoned vet, now may be the best time to consider hopping behind the wheel and hitting the road. If you're a newbie, we'd love to answer your questions and get you on the right path - just shoot us a message

We love RVing, that’s why we’re passionate about innovating products to simplify your RV lifestyle.

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