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Make your list and check it twice...

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You spend hours and days excitedly preparing for your trip. Everything is packed and in its place. Finally, you fire up the engine and hit the road with the sweet melody of ♫♪“Happy Trails”♫♪ on the brain.

Then it hits you, “Did I turn off the water heater at the house? Now that I’m tugging at that thread, did I drink all the milk or will I come back to a milk jug that has its own eco-system?”

You know what woud have been your best friend at that moment? The RVi tablet’s Travel Checklist. 

This feature may be overlooked by some, but to others we get loads of feedback that this is one of their favorite features of the RVi system. A customer came in the office just the other day boasting of some great ideas (see below) because of how much he loves the Travel Checklist.

Now you can add your own categories along with the standard single and multi-step to-dos. So let’s get to checkin'!
Travel Checklist

Checklist Suggestions

Category Suggestions
  • To-Dos at the House 
  • Groceries
  • Places to see

To-Do Suggestions
  • Turn off water appliances at the house; ie. Water heater, washer, etc.
  • Oatmeal Cream Pies
  • Eat at Pine Country Restaurant near Grand Canyon
  • Dance under the stars
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