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Never Have a Dead Towed Battery Again

Flat towing is an incredible way to experience the open road. Having a vehicle that can go places your RV simply cannot allows you to take full advantage of the adventures that lay ahead. One of the worst experiences you can have RVing is stopping at your destination, only to discover that your towed battery is dead!

As an informed RVer, you’ve taken countless precautions to ensure your safety and fun on the road, but sometimes the small things can be overlooked. Here’s the best way to avoid ever having a dead towed battery again!

If you’re flat towing a vehicle behind your motorhome, the Towed Battery Charger Plus allows you to never have a dead towed battery again. It charges your battery and gives you crucial information about the level of your battery, power from the RV, and more! Learn more about TBC+ here:

Here are some additional items to check before takeoff:

1. Ensure your key is in the correct position for towing. In most cases, you’ll want to be in the “ACC” position - not the “ON” position. Your owner’s manual will outline this in the recreational or flat towing section.

2. Check that all lights, radio, etc. are turned off.

3. Pull any fuses, turn off relays, etc. in accordance to your owner's manual's towing guidelines.

4. Get your battery checked between trips to ensure its health and ability to be charged. It's free and takes about 5-minutes at your local automotive store.

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Towed Battery Charger Plus

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  • Ken Johnston

    This towed vehicle charger looks like a nice product. However, I’d prefer to have a cable independent of the 6 pin plug that I have in place for lights.

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