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RVi Product Buyers Guide [Video]

What do we all need when purchasing product in we have little to no experience with? A GUIDE! You don't want to be sold stuff you don't need. You need someone who cares about your needs and your wallet.

That's why we created the RVi Buyers Guide, to help you make the best decisions on what you need for your RVing adventures.

If you scroll below the video, you'll see timestamps in the video for different products if you want to jump to something specific.

00:00 - Introductions
08:41 - RVibrake3
21:37 - RVibrake Shadow
43:47 - Tire Patrol
52:14 - Towed Battery Charger Plus
58:52 - Breakaway Wireless Adapter
1:07:00 - Other Accessories
1:15:21 - Q&A w/Jerad, Dan, and Chris

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  • Scott Jones

    Love the unit. So easy to set up and break down

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