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RVibrake Shadow: RVi's New Installed Braking System

In November of 2021 RVi released our installed braking system for flat towing a car, RVibrake Shadow. We have received countless requests for an installed system over the last decade or so and the time to make it a reality has finally come, order yours online today or ask your local RV dealer if they have one in stock.


The Leaders In Portable Braking Go Installed

Saying that we’re passionate about innovation would be an understatement, after all, “innovation” is right there in our name (RVi = RV innovations). RVibrake Shadow is the latest brainchild of our passionate founder and incredibly talented engineering team. We didn’t want to create just any installed braking system, we wanted to rethink what was possible in an effort to make your RV lifestyle simpler and stress-free.


Meet RVibrake Shadow

When flat towing, you need a braking system that works to get you on the road quickly and allows you to focus on your family and the memories you're making. RVibrake Shadow is always ready and waiting to keep you safe in whatever RV adventures await. With Tow-Mode Detection, once you install RVibrake Shadow, you never have to think about it again - it knows when you’re towing! Here are a few more unique benefits to towing with RVibrake Shadow:


One Time Installation: Installs in under 2 hours

RVibrake Shadow Installation

Traditionally, permanent installed braking systems take professionals 6-8 hours to install. RVibrake Shadow’s plug and play design allows installation to be achieved by you or an installer in under 2 hours. There is nothing to crimp, solder, or disassemble. Simply make the connections and go!

Watch the full installation how-to video HERE.


Built-in Battery Charging: This isn’t just a trickle charger

RVibrake Shadow | Built-In Battery Charging

RVibrake Shadow’s built-in battery charger is an on-demand system that not only trickle charges vehicles that have a slight draw, but can charge up to 10 amps when there is a high parasitic drain on the battery when towing.


Instant Feedback: Always know how your system is performing

RVibrake Shadow | Live Readings & Instant Feedback

Because Command Center comes with RVibrake Shadow, you’ll be able to monitor when your brake activates and be instantly alerted of a breakaway or other critical info. 


Brake Detection: It knows when you’re braking

RVibrake Shadow | Brake Detection

RVibrake Shadow is activated by inertia, that tug forward you feel when braking in your motorhome. An accelerometer in the brake measures these changes and knows when to push softer or harder on the brake pedal, protecting your brake pads from excessive wear.


7” Touch Screen: Crucial data at a glance

RVibrake Shadow | Command Center

The Command Center tablet is your device for monitoring your RVibrake Shadow and remote control for choosing settings unique to your setup. Command Center tablet gives you dedicated feedback in a way that a personal device could not if you were on a call or using another app.

  • Choose the correct settings
  • Monitor proportional braking in real-time
  • Alerts you of a hitch failure, resulting in a breakaway

Command Center opens unlimited possibilities for your RVing adventures!


Portable vs. Installed Braking System: Which Is Right For You?

We understand that making the decision between a portable and installed braking system can be tricky. We have a number of resources on our website to help make the decision easier, plus our support team is available via phone, email, or chat to help guide you. This video is a great starting point if you’re deciding between Portable and Installed!


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  • Tab McBlane

    I purchased my RVI Brake Shadow back in December of 2021, after receiving I got it installed with minimal to no problems using the Installation video. I also got the Tire Patrol sensors since my previous system was becoming unreliable. So fast forward to the end of January we took an 1100 trip and got an opportunity to use the full system from the Brake which worked flawless and was so convenient to not to have to set anything up to the tire monitor system and of course using the command module for leveling the coach. I also took full advantage of using the checklists on the tablet, in the past I just used the notes app on my phone but had to check and then uncheck each item, with the tablet you simply click uncheck and it is done, that may see like an insignificant item but was really appreciated. Battery life on the tablet itself is a little limited so its important to try and keep it plugged in. One thing I can think of that would make a great addition would be temp monitors on the brakes. If you are ever doing mountain passes I think that would be a great idea. Cant say I have ever found a system for that but it would sure be a plus for myself if it were just an add on for the tablet.
    Anyway the system worked perfectly and I am really impressed with the service and responses I get from RVI whenever I had a question. Glad I made the choice for this product, thanks!

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