RVibrake Shadow turns nightmare installs into a dream. 😳🌩️ ➡️ 😁🏝️ - RVi

RVibrake Shadow turns nightmare installs into a dream. 😳🌩️ ➡️ 😁🏝️

Umm, that looks like a nightmare! 🫣

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, if you’re thinking about putting in an installed braking system, you don’t even need a hundred words for this picture:

For Engine Compartment 

You only need one word: Nightmare. Ok, a high-pitched "mommy!" comes to mind as well. 

Who could blame you? The more crowded engine compartments become, the harder it is to consider taking on the task of an installed braking system yourself. And, even if you have a dealer install it (as most require), you know the techs will see the same thing you do, and they’ll rightly charge you an arm and a leg to get it done. Though the second option is usually the more palatable of the two, being out a grand on installation costs is definitely no fun if you’re watching your wallet. 

It’s no wonder that the portable braking market has continued to grow over the years. Things don’t get much simpler than putting a brake in your floorboard and plugging in a breakaway cable. And, to be honest, that’s a totally valid thought process.

RVibrake Shadow is a dream. 🤩

But what if we told you that installed braking systems didn’t have to be that daunting? That the nightmare of 6-8 hour installs and high installation costs was finally over? Well, it is!

Now, you can put all of that in the past with RVibrake Shadow installed braking system.

Shadow Design

When choosing a braking system for flat towing, you need one that’s made for the present world we live in. Other installed systems rely on very old technology that renders them ineffective in the most critical moments. RVibrake Shadow is built with the same technology as the industry-leading RVibrake3 portable system, engineered for today’s vehicles. 

So, practically, what does this mean? 🤔

Well, let’s zoom out a little and talk about the actual braking functionality itself. Most installed systems use a mercury switch or delayed progressive system to determine when and how much to brake. This means they’re not truly proportional to the braking you do in the motorhome. 

Accelerometer Tech

Like the RVibrake3, RVibrake Shadow uses a 3-axis accelerometer (the same used in airbag systems) to determine its braking. This gives you more accurate braking in different scenarios than traditional systems. So, before we even get to installation, we’re talking about a safer, more reliable system.

Watch How It Works Video

So how bad is installation? 🛠️ 🫤

But what about on the install? How does it make things easier there?

We like to say that if you feel comfortable changing the oil in your car, then you won’t have any trouble installing the Shadow

If you were to open up Shadow’s packaging and place it side by side with an unboxed unit from any other manufacturer, the thing you’d notice right away is how many components, wire looms, and terminations are required with other braking systems. Yuck! Part of this is due to the fact that most other installed brakes not only have components installed under the hood, but also have something installed on the motorhome and in the passenger compartment of the towed vehicle. I’m tired just thinking about it. 

Plugging into Shadow

RVibrake Shadow on the other hand is a plug-n-play system designed to delight you by having everything installed under the hood. There is nothing to be installed on the motorhome, making the Shadow universal to all coaches whether gas or diesel. 

And, if you’re still nervous at all about cutting into things (We get it!) - or you aren’t sure if you can do it to begin with - we’ve created step-by-step videos just for you that show exactly where and how to accomplish it (plus an installation guide that clearly walks you through every single step). You do not want any guesswork in the process. Confidence is king!

Watch Installation Video

Anything else? 🤓

As an added bonus to the simplicity of RVibrake Shadow, it makes troubleshooting much, much easier. Obviously, the goal and hope is that nothing would ever go wrong - but we do live in a world where that can happen, and, when it does, the last thing you want to do is open your hood and have no idea where to even begin. Usually, when something happens on an installed braking system, you end up back at an RV shop, spending even more money getting things repaired.

Not so with the Shadow!

Shadow Instant Feedback

Because we’re using so few components and only cutting in at a couple points, it’s much easier to pinpoint the source of a problem. And, if you do get stuck, we’ve got great resources to help guide you between our troubleshooting videos, our instant-feedback LEDs on the Shadow Box itself, and our always-ready Customer Service Champions. Whatever comes up, we’ll make sure it’s solved - and, most of the time, that won’t involve you spending a penny!

Watch How It Works Video

Let’s recap this thing ↪️🧢

So, just to recap what makes the Shadow a great option for you and your family’s adventures:

  1. Safer, more reliable & proportional performance.
  2. Few parts to install and clarity on how to do so (and saving LOTS of time for you if you install it or money if you have it installed).
  3. Fewer headaches when or if something ever goes wrong.

Shadow Focus on what matters

With RVibrake Shadow, you can focus on the things that really matter: Making memories and having fun. The Shadow also gives you more control over your RVing journey. You know exactly what’s going into your towed vehicle, why it’s there, and how to fix it if anything ever were to happen, rather than having to be at the mercy of techs and RV shops along the road. There’s certainly nothing wrong with having the Shadow installed by a pro - but it isn’t necessary. Shadow gives you that freedom and flexibility.

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then we hope the Shadow invokes words like ‘easy’, ‘safety’, and ‘peace-of-mind’ when you see it. 

Get RVibrake Shadow and ride with confidence. 🚐🚙

Happy RVing!!!


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