Stories from the Road: Never fear burned brakes again

Stories from the Road: Never fear burned brakes again

Every RVer towing a car behind their motorhome has a nagging fearRVi3 Brake Lock Detection that they might damage the brake pads on their towed vehicle because of improper setup. With RVibrake3’s Brake Lock Detection, the Audio Assistant or Command Center Tablet will let you know if something has been done incorrectly.
Now, there is no fear when cruisin’ down the road. You only need to focus on taking in the sights and making memories with loved ones.  😎❤️
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  • RVi

    Hi Steve! As Jerad mentioned in a previous comment, there’s no need for a firmware update for this particular feature – all RVibrake3 systems have it installed. Thanks for reaching out!

  • Steve

    I would like this to be a firm ware update for people who already have invested in your products.

  • Jerad


    Yes, your RVIbrake3 has Brake-Lock Detection. All RVibrake3s have Brake-Lock Detection.

  • John

    Is brake lock detection available on my existing RVibrake3? It is about 4 years old.

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