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Replacement Command Center Tablet

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NOTE: If your tablet isn't charging, powering on, or the USB cable won't stay plugged in, then 9 times out of 10, it is a USB cable issue. To purchase a cable, click HERE.

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Never be caught off guard again with the Command Center Tablet! This smart device
is like your own personal Mission Control: keep all your RVi products on one 7" screen
and never forget a single thing! It's a game changer - you won't believe how
much easier life just got!

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The Command Center tablet is RVibrake3’s new monitor, giving you a brilliant, crystal-clear 7” screen. An effortless user experience walks you through choosing the correct settings, monitors the proportional braking in real time, and alerts you of a hitch failure, resulting in a breakaway. As new “Works with Command Center” products hit the market, the tablet gives you one monitor with unlimited product expansion. The tablet’s elegant magnet mount enables you to place the tablet where it works best in your RV.

Built-in Support
RVi Support App

The beauty of RVing is that you can do it any time. Most RVers travel on the weekends, and this is when most support departments shut down. The Command Center tablet comes with a built-in Support app to answer almost any RVi related question you can think of or help you troubleshoot through a concern or issue no matter when you hit the road.

Wireless Connectivity
Command Center Wi-Fi

Using RVi’s powerful proprietary Wireless connection, we bring communication to the modern day, eliminating the need for external antennas and bringing all of RVi's products together with one powerful network.



Weight: 9 ounces
Screen Size: 7"
Battery Life: 2+ hours
Current Demand: 900 mAh
Warranty: 1 year

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