RVibrake Extended Warranty

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Get covered, get peace.

Customer service and technical support are two things you often
wish you could avoid. But when you find a company that cares and
wants to help…it’s glorious.

Both RVibrake3 and RVibrake Shadow braking systems for flat
towing come with incredible customer support and a 3-year
warranty which covers parts, labor, and shipping if the product
malfunctions. Now, you can have even more of this industry-loved
protection with One and Two-Year RVi Extended Warranties at the
click of a button.

Warranty Bullets

(NOTE: You must be within your original 3-year warranty and show proof of purchase.)


After you complete the purchase of the extended warranty, you simply e-mail a copy of your receipt for your RVibrake to contact@rvibrake.com. Once received, then it will complete your extended warranty.

What products does this apply to?

The extended warranty program only applies to the RVibrake3 and RVibrake Shadow brakes themselves. It DOES NOT include the Breakaway System or Command Center kit.

[RVibrake3 or RVibrake Shadow must be purchased from RVi or an authorized RVi dealer for extended warranty to apply. Extended warranty does not apply to a brake purchased in a private party or secondhand sale.]

RVibrake braking systems for flat towing

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