RVibrake3 Auxiliary Braking System

RVibrake3 Auxiliary Braking System


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RVibrake to the next level. RVibrake3's Audio Assistant is your guide that
walks you through the 30 second setup.  Enjoy peace of mind like never
before with a new technology called Brake Lock Detection.  
  This flat towing brake system is designed for you.
 Welcome to RVibrake3.

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Audio Assistant: Your guide for simple setupRVi3 Audio Assistant

It has never been more simple to use a braking system. RVibrake3’s Audio Assistant guides you through the 30 second setup process to ensure you get it right every time.
Brake Lock Detection: No fear Brake Lock Detection

Every RVer towing a car behind their motorhome has a nagging fear that they might damage their brake pads on their towed vehicle because of improper setup. Now with Brake Lock Detection, the Audio Assistant will let you know if something is wrong.
One-Touch Auto Positioning: It does it for you RVi3 AP Gif

It's like magic. A simple one button interface that automatically positions itself. Boom! You're a genius.




RVi3 How does it work??

No wires, no installation

RVibrake3 Braking Top View
Everything is done through the RVibrake3 in the towed vehicle. There is no wiring or installation from the motorhome.

RVibrake3 is activated by the same force that draws your chest forward in a braking, called inertia. An accelerometer in the brake measures these changes and knows when to push softer or harder on the brake pedal, keeping your brake pads from having excessive wear.

Terrain sensing software keeps RVibrake3 from being more sensitive downhill and less sensitive uphill, giving you accurate braking at all times.

Thin and light design that fits in every car
Holding RVibrake3
We guarantee fit in any vehicle {See here}. Unlike other portable braking systems, RVibrake3's housing pushes against the floor pan (the rise in the floor where the driver’s seat is mounted) in the tow vehicle instead of the soft seat when activating. This allows RVibrake3 to be designed as small as possible making RVibrake3 easy to set up, remove and store.
Breakaway System
Breakaway Cable

Besides reducing your stopping distances, one of the main reasons to have a braking system for flat towing is a possible breakaway. This is why brake systems are required by law in 49 out of the 50 states and all of Canada. Should you have a catastrophic hitch failure resulting in a breakaway, the breakaway system will activate RVibrake3 to bring your towed vehicle to a safe stop.
Command Center Header - RVi3
The RVibrake3 system comes with the Command Center smart RV
tablet and hub. This system is the epicenter of the RVi product
line. One monitor with unlimited product expansion and built-in
Travel Checklist, RV Level and  Support apps. You are going to love
Command Center!

Learn more about Command Center tablet and hub
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Command Center Tablet Portrait
7" Touch ScreenRVi3 Tablet Mount Gif

The Command Center tablet is RVibrake3’s new monitor, giving you a brilliantly crystal clear 7” screen. An effortless user experience walks you through choosing the correct settings, monitors the proportional braking in real-time and alerts you of a hitch failure, resulting in a breakaway. As new “Works with Command Center” products hit the market, the tablet gives you one monitor with unlimited product expansion. The tablet’s elegant magnet mount enables you place the tablet where it works best in your RV.

RVibrake3 Braking Rings
Wireless Connectivity
Command Center Wi-Fi

Using RVi’s powerful proprietary Wireless connection, we bring communication to the modern day. Powerful connectivity for you to know how your systems are running.

Built-in Support
RVi Support App

The beauty of RVing is that you can do it any time. Most RVers travel on the weekends and this is when most support departments shut down. The Command Center tablet comes with a built-in Support app to answer almost any RVi related question you can think of or help you troubleshoot through a concern or issue no matter when you hit the road.




Specific Vehicle Products

There are so many amazing vehicles that are flat towable on the market. Not all towed vehicles are created equal and that is certainly true when it comes to flat towing. Once you know the variables to consider for your vehicle, flat towing is beyond fun! We guarantee fit of RVibrake in any towed vehicle.

Learn more about specific vehicle products
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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions15" x 12" x 4"
Reaction Time: 0.5 seconds
Daily Setup Time30 seconds
Installation TimeThe only thing that has to be installed is the Breakaway. It takes 25-45 min.
Power12V DC, 8 amps max draw
Vehicle TypesWorks with all towed vehicles. 5-10% of towed vehicles require hardware we provide for FREE.
In the BoxRVibrake3 • Command Center System • Breakaway • Universal Stop Plate(For 5% of towed vehicles)
Warranty: 3-years

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