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Air vs. Electric Activated Braking Systems

If you’re searching for a portable braking system for your towed vehicle, you probably have a lot of questions. One that we frequently address is why the RVibrake is activated by air rather than an electric actuator like other systems. The short answer is safety. The video below explains this in further detail:

To review, we chose to develop an air driven braking system because:

1. It reacts faster in a panic stop

2. It's smaller and easier to set up

3. It keeps you safe

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  • Ron Cannon

    I really recommend the RVi3 system. I have had my RVi3 system for a year. When I bought my motorhome and Honda CR-V, I did a lot of research on braking systems. I wanted a system that was reliable and redundant. The proportional braking is excellent on the down hill side of the mountain passes of Colorado. I also got the tire patrol system which allows me to monitor tire pressure and temperatures. Being an aircraft mechanic, it is very important, to get the best wear and performance out of a tire. The entire braking system has preformed very well. The customer service is above and beyond excellent. I had one tire pressure sensor go bad and they took care of it. The tour of the manufacturing plant was very interesting and well worth the time.

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