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Towed Car Products for Your RV Adventures

Get the Right Gear • Be the Hero • Have Some Fun

We know that the unknowns of towing a car behind your RV and getting the right gear for the adventure can be daunting.
Whether you're looking for a braking system, tyre pressure sensors, or something in between, we make
products to help you get on the road and have fun. Let’s make it easy by starting on a path…

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Mike Barnes

I’ve had my RVi system for several months and a number of trips. It preforms beautifully every time. I have spent a lot of money for several onboard systems and I’m never going back. Light weight easy to use fast setup.
This is the Mack Daddy!

Dave Hayden

First trip using Tire Patrol (4), easy to sync, easy to use, great seeing trailer tire status while cruising on open highways, 2,000 mile trip. No issues..

Thank you, love it!

David K.

I was having battery kill experiences with my tow vehicle so I purchased the Towed Battery Charger from RVI. When I installed my tow wiring I had left a wire for the charger and so installation was quick and easy. I just made a fiver hour tow and car started perfectly when we reached our destination. RVI's towed battery charger is an expensive and easy to use product that give peace of mind when on the road.


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