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Keep your towed battery fully chargedBattery Fuel Gauge
There are not many things worse than a dead towed battery. Many towed vehicles today have a large current draw on the battery when towing. This is before you ever hook up your RVibrake. The Towed Battery Charger will prevent unseen parasitic loss on your dinghy battery. No more need for a charge line that gives you zero feedback.

Also, works with trailer batteries.

  • Powerful 15 Amp output: Keeps up with the heaviest amp draw.TBC1.5 Bullets
  • Permanent Install: This one time install takes 15 minutes. Peace of mind every time you tow.
  • LED Indicator: LED flashes when motor home is charging the towed battery.
  • Rugged Design: The premium metal casing fights against extreme temperatures.
  • On Demand System: When the towed battery starts to drop it demands power from the motorhome.
NOTE: 12 volts must be brought from the motorhome to bumper of towed vehicle for the Towed Battery Charger to tie in to. 7-pin connector on Motorhome and 6-pin connector on Towed Vehicle is recommended.

Install Diagram in Towed Vehicle:
TBC1.5 diagram


Weight: 1 lb 
Housing Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1''
Wire Length: 8 ft. from multi-pin connector to charger.
Install Time: 15
Wire Gauge16 Duplex Wire
Charge Capability: 0-15 Amp (fuse & diode protected)

Towed Battery Charger Installation Video

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