There are really three main players in the tow bar market: Blue Ox, Demco and Roadmaster.

In our opinion, Roadmaster’s latest line of tow bars is superior. This is because of their quality control. Each unit has a life of over 100,000 extensions, which is extraordinary for the tow bar market.

The latest gem in the line up is the Roadmaster Nighthawk. It has a built-in 6 to 7-wire power cord for the towed light system and is truly non-binding with its freedom latches. Aaaaaand it features a really cool LED strip down the side of the tow bar that is an incredible safety device at night when the tow bar and towed vehicle are hard to see.

When you purchase a tow bar you have to also purchase a baseplate that is custom to your towed vehicle for the tow bar to attach. You can learn more at

You an see a performance video with the Nighthawk by RV Geeks HERE.


We hope this guide helps you as you plan for your flat towing adventures.

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